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I hope you enjoy my artwork! I love writting, drawing and making videos.

Watch my videos here on youtube.

Read my stories here.

Don't forget to visit my gallery! :gallery:

Check out!

:bulletblack: [no title yet] (In development):
An original "slice of life" comic with original characters and original plot.
More details will be revealed later.

:bulletwhite: [no title yet 2] (In development):
An original sci-fi post apocalyptic (and a little cyberpunk too) comic with original characters and original plot.
More details will be revealed later.

:bulletred: My Videos - Storm Hawks:
Playlist on Youtube with my AMVs about the Storm Hawks!…
Special Christmas Gift for YOU! (watch the video!) by 123leyang321Aerrow and Piper - I Want to Get Lost in You by 123leyang321
Featured videos:

:bulletpurple: Memories of a Sky Knight (future project):
A crossover of Storm Hawks and a certain book I've read from a Brazilian writer.
It'll be a comic in DA, but a written story in

:bulletpink: Sweet Illusions (In-progress):
Ever since his first contact with a strange crystal, Aerrow starts hallucinating and he has a change of character, all of that while he realizes he may have fallen for a certain navigator. As the time passes by, he grows more and more insane, will he be able to overcome his madness before he does something actually evil?
Sweet Illusions - chapter 1
Chapter I
An Old Abandoned Experiment

In a wide and bizarre dark room, you could hear the sounds of thin fingers touching the gray keys from the storm engine's keyboard. The young Empress in her usual large black cloak with a hood over her head covering half of her eyes frantically typed meaningless codes while staring at the metallic keys. In those years her hair had grown up to the top of her waist, she wore now a black outfit with brown boots that reached her knees, and had started wearing dark eye shadow. She sailed in deep thought, and was just typing because she was being driven by an almost automatic and involuntary impulse, her mind was completely drowned in her subconscious.
She thought about all the plans she had created to finish the Storm Hawks: to convince them to join Cyclonia through oblivion crystals, to use crystals and other devices of mind control in an attempt to make them turn against each other, kidnapping and torture, surprise attacks with her army, disgui
Sweet Illusions - Chapter 14Chapter XIV
The Shrine that Cries Diamonds

It was very early in the morning. The sun was shining through the clouds, the breeze was soft and the weather was warm enough. You could spot two figures climbing up a mountain: it was Aerrow and Piper.
"Thank you for coming here, Aerrow. It means a lot that you're interested in something so silly like this, though it's very dearly to me." - the girl said looking down at him, who was catching up with her.
"Hey, this isn't silly. If it's important to you, it's important to me as well." - he said to her, making her smile - "But why did we leave our skyrides down there?"
"It's so the guys won't find our exact location." - she told him - "I want this to be something special. Between only you and me."
Aerrow liked that idea. He longed for some private time with her for quite a while. The two continued climbing, until Piper spoke again.
"I wonder how did you get Radarr to stay in the Condor." - she asked.
"Well, I just said he shouldn't worry

Sweet Illusions old sketch - Chapter 9 by 123leyang321

:bulletblue: Storm Hawks Fan 3rd Season (In-progress):
Story about how I think the Storm Hawks Third Season could be.
Storm Hawks Fan 3rd Season - Episode 53 - Part 1
Episode 53 - Warriors From Affair
Part 1 - The Legend

Cyclonis was in a unknown place, walking towards a kind of castle, with several lights, a huge place that, despite being in this dimension, the Far Side, which has superior technology compared to the rest of Atmos, seemed to be a rustic building. She was a bit worn off: she had just arrived after a terrible defeat and had lost her right hand man, the Dark Ace.
"That wasn't the end." - she said as the memory she had of her Terra falling to the Wastelands quickly passed by her mind - "It was just the beginning..." - she stood for a few seconds in front of the castle's gate - "...of my revenge!" - her voice was changed, she then entered the great gateway as the sound of lightning echoed through the whole place...
A vast landscape composed by several shinny stalagmites, a green surrealistic sky and a huge tower in the center could be observed by the crew of a lone Condor flying without a course. The ship moved quietly through
Storm Hawks Fan 3rd Season - Episode 57 - Part 4
Episode 57 - Wasteland Wonder
Part 4 - Underground Unknown

Everyone stood near the Condor, except Stork who was still working on the engine. They looked around a little tense, wondering what was going on.
"Well… There's definitely more to this place than we thought." - Aerrow said.
"Maybe we should apply the 'nothing is what it appears' rule from the Forbidden City in here too." - Piper commented.
"Then someone did wish for the rain, after all." - Stork said in a mocked delightful tone as he glared at Finn.
"I couldn't have known!" - the blonde crossed his arms and looked away annoyed.
"So you think this place is a wasteland that grants wishes?" - Junko suggested, drawing their attention.
"That might actually be true." - Kaya said as she bent down and brushed her hand on the ground - "This soil isn't really normal. There's something strange about this place." - she picked up some sand and rubbed her fingers against the dust to feel it.
"I have a feeling that whatever it is

Storm Hawks Fan 3rd Season Announcement by 123leyang321 Storm Hawks Fan 3rd Season Announcement 2, COMMENT by 123leyang321 Storm Hawks Fan 3rd Season: OC Recruitment by 123leyang321 Storm Hawks Fan 3rd Season: Storm Hawks Origins by 123leyang321
OC profiles
Henny, Orion's rider (made with mouse only) by 123leyang321Orion, Henny's partner (made with mouse only) by 123leyang321Kaya - CarlottaStudios's OC (made with mouse only) by 123leyang321
Capt Jake of the Bladed Gunners (mouse only) by 123leyang321Yigael, Lord of Crystallia (made with mouse only) by 123leyang321The Exiled (made with mouse only) by 123leyang321
Special Video Playlist…

:bulletgreen: Disaster Date (Complete):
Aerrow and Piper go out on a date in the Skyside Shanty. Obviously, things don't go as planned and they'll face some hilarious and awkward moments.
Disaster Date - page 1 by 123leyang321Disaster Date - Page 28 by 123leyang321Disaster Date - Bonus Page by 123leyang321

:bulletyellow: Shattered (Complete):
Brass meets a man that wants to get revenge on Metabee for something horrible he did to him several years ago. Haunted by the ghosts of the past, will Metabee be able to sort out these conflicts in order to save her?
Shattered - Prologue
The soft noise of raindrops echoed in the dark basement. There were a few high metallic shelves and some wooden boxes covered by leather mantles occupying most of the already small place, leaving not much room to feel comfortable in there. The place was very dirty, webs lay on the walls and some water was pouring from the roof. A trembling silhouette could be seen in one of the corners: a medabot.
The medabot seemed to be in very bad shape, the shadow covered most of its body, therefore, it could barely be noticed. What could be seen from this poor mechanical being was its damaged torso and head: the white face covered with scratches, the pink eyes have lost their brightness, the blue head not better than the face, the rose bow in the back of the head severely damaged and part of it was missing, the torso even worse than the head part. Judging by what's been just seen, there's no telling on how bad the rest of the body might be.
Brass just sat there and wasn't moving. S
Shattered - Epilogue
Over two hours had passed since Miss Nae had started repairing the medal. The cops had arrived and taken the black dressed man with them. But before he left, he humbly went to Erika and handed her an object.
"It was yours. You forgot it down there." - he said as he gave her the golden beetle.
She blinked, then just nodded and watched as he entered the police car. In the end, she realized there was no villain in all of that, only victims. Silent tears rolled from her eyes.
Sometime later, the sun was rising. The kids had accommodated themselves in Kam's car, while the medabots either stood or sat on the ground. After Honey brought some water to Erika a couple of times, the girl finally calmed down. Ikki and the others tried to cheer her up, saying Miss Nae would fix Brass, giving her some hope.
On the other hand, Metabee was really quiet. He just sat on the ground with his arms crossed. He was still in his golden and silver armor, though the white glow wasn't that bright

:bulletorange: Hacked (Sequel to Shattered/Complete):
After her new upgrades, Brass became interested in robattles like Metabee. But when her abilities seem to not be enough to make her a worthy fighter, she seeks help from an unknown source, and that ends up being one of the worst mistakes she has ever made. Will she be able to fix all the trouble she caused?
Hacked - Prologue
Metabee and Brass ran in a corridor on fire, dodging the falling cracked pieces of the ceiling, with Ikki and Erika right behind them. Suddenly, the ground gave up in front of the group.
"What do we do now?" - the girl asked. They didn't have much time.
"We'll keep going to the control room. You two better get out of here before the smoke poisons you." - the yellow medabot said as he jumped and landed on the other side, then turned around to wait for the SLR-type.
She jumped as well and landed on the other side, but she lost balance, so Metabee grabbed her arm to prevent her from falling.
"Let's go, then." - Brass said while he nodded and both ran.
They didn't take too long to find the control room, but the door was stuck. The KBT-type started charging towards the door, but it didn't work and he couldn't use his missiles, because it could make that room collapse. Brass scanned the door and found some weak points she could shoot at to make breaking through the door easie
Hacked - Epilogue
Metabee turned his head angrily to face the medalorian stepping on him.
"You..." - he said as the light on his eyes faded - "You..." - he started glowing and his colors changed as well - "You... MONSTER!" - he yelled while shooting beams of white light from his head at the medalorian.
The machine flew and hit the ceiling very hard, then he fell on the ground. He slowly got back up on his feet, while Metabee was already standing.
"You're getting quite fond of the power, aren't you?" - he said - "But I'll tell you something, you're not the only one who has it." - he started glowing as well and his silver color became shinier than before - "I'm sure you have no idea of what this power is." - he laughed a bit - "This is the Meda State, a special state of power augmentation that heals all our wounds and multiplies our power to an infinite amount. If you master it, you can become a God." - he explained - "But this isn't like the Medaforce. Only true medalorians that have reac

Random Favourites

Some pretty cool pictures, comics, videos and texts. :dummy:
Enjoy the collections! :la:
  • Mood: Joy
Tagged by :iconayanaburik:


1. You have to copy and paste these rules into your own personal journal :)
2. Answer the 10 questions from the person who tagged you, then make up 10 questions of your own.
3. Choose 10 people to tag and put their icons on the journal entry.
4. Go to the 10 people's pages that you tagged and let them know they have been tagged in a journal quiz. (If you want)
5. Everyone who has been tagged has to make up 10 questions of their own and tag 10 other people.
6. List the person's icon who tagged you above the rules.
 ______________**COPY AND PASTE OPTIONAL**__________________
                      For People Who Are New To Deviant Art 
 - This is how you tag someone :)
    Write, :icon_____: 
    Fill in the blank with the person's username
    That's it! To check if it worked click the "Preview" button.
    If done correctly you should see the person's icon. :)
 - To make a journal look at the top of your profile page
    There is a tab that says "Journal"
    Click it and click make new journal.

Her questions (which she copied and pasted, lol):

1] What is your favourite anime and why?
I don't know if I have a favorite one, but the best one I've watched until now was Death Note, because it had an incredible and intense battle of wits and the story was really clever.

2] If you could change anything in the world once, what would you change?
The people, of course. You know, all the problems in the world lie in the people, so if everyone changed (for the better, of course), we'd be able to find solutions for everything and actually go through with the solutions. Not only that, but by changing the people, several solutions like world peace and stuff would come automatically as a bonus.

3] If you can overcome one fear, what would it be? (If you say you don't have any fear then name stuff that you have done that would normally make other people scared) 
My choice initially would be the fear of death, but then I realized it's not death itself the source of the fear, but the unknown. A fear of the unknown. You have no idea to know what's going to happen when you die: you don't know if you'll cease to exist, if there's an afterlife, if you reincarnate or whatever else one can think of, or even something nobody can think of. So, yeah, the fear of the unknown is my choice.

4] Do you like Shounen Ai or Yaoi? (You don't have to answer this question)
So... If I'm not mistaken, Shounen is a genre of anime that's targeted at young boys, like Naruto, Pokémon and etc, but I don't know what is Shounen Ai... So, if you were talking about Shounen, I've seen a few interesting animes of the genre, like Medabots, the old times from Pokémon and a few others.
And about Yaoi (male gay romance)... Nope, just nope. Same with Yuri (lesbian romance). Not my thing. At all. Nothing against people that like that kind of stuff, though. But, yeah, that really isn't my cup of tea. ^^;

5] If you can improve any talent what would you choose and why?
Now that's a really good question. I'd instantly think of improving my artistic skills. But then I also think: shouldn't I improve things I'm really bad at? Since I at least have some skills in art and I can improve with more training.
Well, I still really want to improve on them, but I'd also like to improve some of my gaming skills and my athletic skills (yep, I want to have better athletic skills so I can go back to practicing kung fu)! :D

6] If you can choose any magical power what would it be and why? (Flight, invisible, Fire)
Another really good question... Being able to be some special kind of sensitive person, as in, having the power to read minds and the ability to see the oucome of every single decision and every single obstacle ahead would be the most useful power I can think of (well, not counting being omnipotent, but I won't choose that one because life would be too boring that way). With that power I could manage my life to go the way I want it to be. And I'd prevent inconveniences from happening.

7] Do you think you should keep your country's current design or change it to something else, and please give reason.
Uh... What kind of question is this? Ah, no offense to who originally asked this, but... If you meant to ask about the way the crountry looks, as in, its "shape" and how the states are defined inside it, then I can only think that you skipped Geography and History lessons in school. :O_o:
Ha, it's not a matter of design. There's politics, geology, masses of people, money, culture, etc involved there. You don't just say "I wish my country had the shape of a star or a heart", lol.
But, if you meant something like the flag's design, then that's a more understandable question. In the case, the flag from my country is sending a message, so I'd not change it.

8] If you were transported into the anime world what would be the first thing you would do and why?
I don't know, guess I'd try to find my favorite characters from all the animes I've watched and try to talk to them? And compliment them on how great characters they are?

9] Do you believe the Governments hide technology and information from the public?
Lol, that's quite obvious. The Governments from any country hide information from the people. Some of that information should definitelly be hidden, since there are things that could cause panics and stuff, making all the people go crazy, and, yeah, a Government can't afford that kind of mess, so.

10] Do you love or hate rollercoasters, and give reasons?
I've always enjoyed rollercoasters. They're really fun to ride. :)

Now my questions:

1. What's your favorite drink? (I don't mean anything that has alcohol, I meant stuff like some fruit juice or vitamin or soda, but you can include alcoholic beverages if you're into them :shrug:).

2. What do you like most about yourself? And what do you dislike most? (Choose one personality trait and one appearance aspect you like, and one personality trait and one appearance aspect you dislike, example: like - curly blond hair and patience; dislike - big nose and naïveté).

3. Do you have any pets? (If yes, which pet is it, what's it called, what does it look like and how does it behave? And if not, if you could have a pet, which one would you choose and why?)

4. What's the coolest place you've ever been to? What did it look like, when did you visit it (during a trip/travel, by chance, etc) and why did you like that place?

5. What did you enjoy the most in your last holidays? And why?

6. What were the best meal and the best dessert you ever ate?

7. What's your favorite music and why? (Would share its lyrics too?)

8. Why did you join DeviantART and how do you like the website?

9. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

10. What's your favorite deviation from your gallery? (And if you haven't uploaded any deviations yet, what's the deviation in your favorites ones that you like the most?) Feature the deviation in the journal, all you have to do is copy and paste its url in the answer to this question.

Tagged people:

:iconbriancvpa: ... :iconcarlottastudios: ... :iconzutara1994: ... :iconmewrulz: ... :iconrose-angle:

:iconredwolf246: ... :iconstormhawklovers1: ... :iconpurplesammy: ... :iconpiper-st: ... :iconilikadachocolate:

If anyone else feels like answering these questions, feel free to do so. :D


123leyang321's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

I'm Letícia and I'm brazillian.

What can I say about me?

Well, I love drawing, writing stories, listening to music, watching and (specially) making videos!! (This last thing is the one that I love the most!)

About my personality...

I can't say many things, I think you can find this out better if you meet me personaly, but let me try.

I'm a person who loves having fun, specially making artistic stuff. I like to go out for rides with my friends (as in going to movies, parks, etc).

I'll always treat people the same way they treat me or better than that. I respect the other people's way to be and act. I'm a kind girl with a good emotional control and I care a lot about how my friends and relatives are feeling.

You can say that I'm a little (some moments a lot) shy at first, but with time, I can become really extrovert! ;]

There's a phrase that I really like: "Be ambitious, aim for the moon. Even if you miss it, you'll still be among the stars."

Now, my physique:

I'm caucasian, brown hair and eyes, slender, average height...

Some preferences:


My favorite TV shows (cartoons) are Avatar: the last airbender and Storm Hawks.

>>> On Avatar, my favorite character is... I think is Aang, because: I think he is really very incredible, he is funny, cute and sweet, but the funniest still is Sokka! About the villains, I guess the best is Azula, she is more evil than the guy that should be the big villain: her father...

>>> On Storm Hawks, my favorite is Aerrow, because of various reasons: I think he is amazing, a good friend, sometimes he has funny moments, like that in episode 38 that I'll never forget, and I think he is hot! lol xD Among the bad guys, I think my fav is Dark Ace (let's say he is kinda hot too ^^), and I'm sad because he exploded in episode 52... No more good villain stuff from him... :/


A very HUGE list, let's point some of them:
Forrest Gump; Big Fish; The Day After Tomorrow; The Core;
Iron Man trilogy; Lord of the Rings trilogy; Ip Man trilogy; Star Wars 2 trilogies; Matrix trilogy; Kill Bill 2 movies;
Inglorious Bastards; Cloud Atlas; The Golden Compass; Jumper; Harry Potter (until the 4th);
All Disney classics (my favorites being Tarzan, Mulan, Aladdin and The Lion King);
Many of the Pixar movies (my favorites being A Bug's Life, Wall-E, Ratatouille, Toy Story trilogy, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles);...

In general, I love sci-fi, fantasy, humor, terror, suspense, action, adventure, romance and mystery.


An even bigger list. Some of my favorite songs:
Inner Universe (Origa);
Move Along (The All-American Rejects);
Clocks, Speed of Sound, Viva la Vida, Talk, A Message, In My Place, etc (Coldplay);
Lost and Already Over (Red);

The genres I enjoy: rock, a little of techno and pop, instrumental and soundtrack.


I enjoyed a lot of books, I can't tell which are my favorite ones, since it's been a long time since I've last read an actually good book. :/
And I really like reading fanfictions! As in the movies part, I love those same categories here.
I also LOVE reading comics! My fav ones right now are: Grim Tales, Looking For Group, PPG Doujinshi, Sugar Bits and Gone with the Blastwave.

>>> On Grim Tales, my fav character is Grim Junior! He's so incredibly cute! And he's that kind of character that has a change of behavior, that's something I really apreciate.

>>> On Looking For Group, my fav is, by far, Richard! He's totally AWESOME, funny, super cool, one of the best characters I've ever seen!


Well, I gotta say, I'm very picky with games. MMO RPGs are cool because we can see other people and interact with them, so... I enjoy those games, not all of them, of course, some I liked were: World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King, TERA, Eden Eternal, Guild Wars 2... But that's not my fav genre...

Genres I like in games: RPG, action (but not purely action, it must have adventure and/or RP...), adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, "war"...
3rd person games mainly, but I play some FPS, not my fav genre, though. I think FP games limit our view of the game world and our awareness of things around us, after all, the FP from the game will never be like the FP in real life... Plus, I like to be able to move the screen and look at my character's face. :D

Anyways, fav games now:

>>> Mass Effect series. One word: AWESOME. Excelent plot, great dialogue system, fun gameplay, nice characters, good world, just the best sci-fi series I've ever played. My favorite character there is Thane! With Legion and Garrus coming in 2nd place.

>>> The Longest Journey series. Simply AMAZING! Wonderful plot (in my opinion, it's even better than ME's plot), one of the best game worlds I've seen, awesome mix of sci-fi and fantasy, beautiful story telling. A bit hard to choose a favorite character there... But there's one I found funny and a great companion: Crow!


That's all for while, I'll update again...


>>> my blog

>>> my youtube profile

>>> my profile

Watch my videos, read my stories and comment please. ^^

Hey, if you want to donate something, click here (I'll give you a llama badge as a thank you).

Favourite genre of music
Rock and Instrumentals mainly, but I also love Electronic/Techno
Favourite style of art
Kinda hard to say that, since everything is art in a certain way.
Favourite fictional characters
Aerrow (SH); Steve (RECVX); Squall (FFVIII); Vivi (FFIX); Richard (LFG, WoW based comic); Thane (ME)

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Journal History


If you want to buy any print, give me :points:points, please, that's all I need! xD


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Do you know if a season 3 is coming?

I have write Nerd Corps - but I didn't get a answer back. :-(
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Thank you. :)
That's my fav pairing too. XD

So, it seems they had planned the show to end that way. They made the 52 episodes and then went to work on another cartoon.
The show wasn't cancelled, that cliffhanger was the ending they chose... x_x
AhsokaTano-Skywalker Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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